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Tune in to an Urban Symphony


Explore the beauty of the Singapore Pavilion


The Pavilion’s architecture evokes images of a musical box, with an orchestra of elements forming a symphony for the senses – from the choreography of the plaza’s water fountain to the rhythm of façade fenestrations, the interplay of visuals and sounds to the mélange of flora in the roof garden. As you step in, you’ll experience a symphonic performance that’s truly one of a kind.

Here’s a preview of the pavilion journey you’ll experience:

9 Residents, 1 Anthem
Be greeted by the “9 residents, 1 anthem” installation as you prepare to enter the pavilion. Four touch screens will display a series of short films, each featuring a resident of Singapore coming from different walks of life. Take your time to hear their stories as they share a glimpse of life in Singapore. 
Featured residents include Jim Rogers, a notable investor and financial commentator, as well as footballer Aleksandar Duric. Directors of the films are Francis Lau, Mak Chun Kit, Randy Ang, Eva Tang, Kaz Cai, Tara Tan & Alan Yap, as well as Infinite Frameworks.

Island Chorus
As the charm of the Pavilion brings you further in, you’ll arrive at “Island Chorus” which is a 90-second video journey around Singapore. The design of this visual and aural metaphor encircles around the concept of a musical round that creates a harmonious virtuous cycle, showcasing how residents balance the elements of living, working and playing.

Urban Bio Rhythm
Featuring state-of-the-art technology, “Urban Bio Rhythm” is an interactive showcase that tells the story of Singapore’s urban sustainability. Using your palms, you’ll be able to capture tiny visual projections that are beaming from the floor.

Expect lots of music and bouncing at “Metro-Nome”. This installation features interactive trampolines which you and other visitors can bounce on in unison, creating musical harmonies that illustrate the importance of individual responsibility in a community endeavour. Metaphorically, it leverages on the energy of Singaporeans to feed the city’s heart-beat. In addition to the musical segment, there are also three coves where you can view images of Singapore landscapes, designs and food culture.

City Notes
Discover interesting details and notes that make up Singapore in “City Notes”. Situated along the ramp leading up to the second level of the pavilion, this installation exhibit was curated by local creatives from kwodent and FARM.

Urban Symphony
Immerse yourself in a euphonious experience at the Urban Symphony theatre, the heart of the Singapore Pavilion. Located on level two, this theatre showcases the theme song “Every Touching Moment” and its music video. Performed by four acclaimed Singapore artistes, Ado, JJ Lin, Stefanie Sun and Tanya Chua, the theme song and music video give visitors a glimpse of living in Singapore.

Floral Finale
Be greeted by a lush tropical garden at the peak of the Pavilion. Here, you’ll find a rich diversity of tropical plants that reflect a symphony of sight, scent and sound. One of the highlights to look out for is the commemorative orchid hybrid, the Dendrobium Singapore Shanghai Symphony. This jade and gold-hued hybrid is a symbolism of Singapore and Shanghai’s vibrant offerings, and a reflection of the two cities’ strong bilateral relations. Another feature of the roof garden is that it is divided into four areas, representing the multi-ethnic communities in Singapore – the Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

DBS Fountain of Treasures
Located near the Singapore Pavilion, the DBS Fountain of Treasures celebrates everything that Asians hold dear in their hearts – family, friends, health and wealth. Visitors to the fountain will be treated to daily dance performances, which showcase the cultural multiplicity of Singapore and Asia at large. New dance programmes ranging from rousing drum performances to ethnic mask dances can be expected every two months.


World Expo Music Video
Every Touching Moment
Experience what living in Singapore is like through the lives of four Singaporeans. They reveal their dreams and aspirations in this heartwarming music video.
Our Mascot
Exhibition Name
Our Mascot
To celebrate Singapore’s largest Expo entry to date, an official mascot has been chosen to be the representative of Singapore at the World Expo 2010.
Watch the Video
Go behind the scenes
Watch the making of the music video here to find out the inspiration behind the story, and what went on during the production. The stars of the video share their thoughts too.