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Singapore Garden Festival 2010


Let It Bloom

Be enchanted by exquisite floral designs and lovely garden displays at The Singapore Garden Festival 2010. Into its third edition since 2006, this biennial event is the only garden show in the world that brings together international landscape and garden designers, florists and horticulturalists under one roof.

Taking place from the 15 – 22 July, we’ll see multi-award winning designers such as Suzanne Gaywood, Robert Boltman, Alex Bartlett and Rick Eckersley showcasing their works in Singapore for the first time ever.

Besides big-name designers making their appearance, what will also take centrestage is a 5-metre tall floral topiary named after and inspired by the tale The Men Who Plant Trees. Depicting a man down on one knee planting saplings, this centrepiece pays tribute to the story of a shepherd who singlehandedly cultivated an entire forest.

Dazzle your eyes as you gaze upon familiar festival highlights such as Floral Windows to the World, which comprises colourful cut-flower masterpieces and stunning set designs. Or the Garden Fiesta, which offers educational and recreational gardening activities that cater to the young and old, serious gardeners as well as hobbyists.

Another returning crowd favourite is the Singapore Orchid Show, which promises to be a fine display of Southeast Asia’s exotic array of the most diverse botanical family.

New attractions to this event include the Periscope Garden and the Balcony Garden Display. As its name suggests, the innovative Periscope Garden can be viewed only through a periscope, while the Balcony Garden Display is a showcase of how lush gardens can be cultivated in the limited balcony space of high-rise flats.

Should you be inspired by the lush greenery that is all around, why not take up gardening as a new hobby? For that, you can find gardening tools, services and advice readily available at the Vibrant Marketplace.

So prepare to be mesmerised by the most imaginative horticultural creations you will ever find. With an entertaining array of displays, activities and events, The Singapore Garden Festival is definitely a luxuriant treat to soothe the eyes and soul.

Visit the official website to learn more about the Singapore Garden Festival.


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