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Singapore Arts Festival 2010


Get personal with the Singapore Arts Festival

Celebrate the cultural and artistic life of Singapore and be pleasantly surprised at the Singapore Arts Festival, with a number of exciting world-class Asian and international productions held in venues across the city. This annual month-long celebration of theatre, dance and music, has, over the years, been a hit with both visitors and locals alike – with attendances registering record numbers, especially in the past few editions. 

Established in 1977, the festival aims to promote Singapore as one of Asia’s premier capitals for culture and the arts. And with a line-up as stellar as this, Singapore is right on track to achieve its aim. With free events and other competitively priced tickets available for other productions, view the schedule and make a date to catch some performances.

Between You and Me

Themed ‘Between You and Me’, this “up-close” approach for the Singapore Arts Festival this year will definitely interest you if you enjoy getting into the thick of things. Aimed to help festival goers develop a sense of identity, and with performances that are experiential, educational, “hands on” and intimate, this year’s edition is sure to keep audiences at the edge of their seats.

There’s something for everyone with so many highlights at this year’s festival, but there are also several which stand out from the crowd. In Cargo Kuala Lumpur-Singapore, go behind the scenes of a day in the life of long-distance delivery truck drivers, where audiences get to visit hitherto unseen-to-the-public back lanes, delivery depots and warehouses in the travelling truck. As spaces are limited for each truck, do move swiftly if you want tickets. 

If you’d like something a lot less mobile, take the chance to watch a Korean adaptation of Macbeth in Lady Macbeth. For the time in the history of the Esplanade – Singapore’s eight year-old premier arts and entertainment venue – this production will see audiences seated on the stage. Watch as the story of a maligned character unfolds before you in an utterly mesmerising version of this Shakespearean classic.

Another interesting highlight is renowned Indian theatre director Roysten Abel’s Manganiyar Seduction, where nearly 40 folk singers from Rajasthan sit in neatly arranged squares placed vertically and horizontally on top of each other. Think of it like a highly intoxicating meld of the allure and seduction of an Amsterdam bordello, with the physical arrangement of the TV game show Hollywood Squares, and the haunting lusciousness of ancient Sufi-influenced Indian music. 

These are just three productions out of over 50 different events during this 30-day festival – a tiny slice of what will whet your appetites for this wonderful celebration of the arts. Get your tickets today, and discover a Singapore that showcases a rich performing Arts culture. 

Visit www.singaporeartsfest.com for more details.

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