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National Day


Sing Singapore

Not only do the days leading up to Singapore’s National Day on 9 August are set abuzz by pulsating, patriotic vibes all around the country, this is also the best time to take in our lush cityscape. Singapore’s first National Day was held at the now defunct National Stadium in 1965 when the nation gained independence from Malaysia, bringing with it many challenges that were eventually seen through and commemorated up till today.

Take a trishaw ride around the suburban areas in Singapore and you will see National flags flapping gaily outside convenience stores and public housing. After indulging in the festive sales, hop on to the Singapore Flyer just in time to witness the spectacular aerial performances at the Marina Bay platform, where the annual National Day Parade has been held since 2008.

Those lucky enough to snag tickets to the National Day Parade will experience some of Singapore’s greatest technological advances executed in the form of parades, stunts and cinematic storytelling retelling Singapore’s history. Another sight to behold and participate in is the famous Kallang Roar (which was created in the early 1970s by the 55,000 soccer fanatics thronging the national stadium during the heydays of the Malaysia Cup), a wave-like movement to enliven any momentous national occasion. Otherwise, there is always the option of a romantic night out at the newly-opened Marina Barrage, where you can pop a bottle of champagne and watch the fireworks from a distance, while partaking in the lively and exciting vibe.


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