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Mosaic Music Festival


Bedazzled Concert Goers

Held at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, the annual Mosaic Music Festival is a 10-day regionally acclaimed festival that showcases a gamut of musical genres that will satisfy music aficionados from all age groups and walks of life. Better known as the Esplanade, the venue is Singapore’s premier destination for all things cultural, musical and artistic, and its distinct shape by the Marina Bay in the heart of the CBD has earned this landmark the lovable nickname of “The Durian” since it opened to the public in 2002. 

Originally set up as a festival focused on world-music and jazz acts, Mosaic’s line-up now boasts everything that’s sensationally aural from indie-folk music, to soulful rhythm and blues and booty bouncing hip-hop, to electrifying post-rock, sumptuously exotic Afrobeat and grungy ‘90s throwback indie rock – a meld which has allowed the festival to garner larger audiences every year.

What’s really amazing is that these artistes perform in a multitude of sonically suitable venues around the Esplanade from the raucous Theatre Studio, to the intimate Mosaic recital studio and the smooth acoustic aura of the venerable Concert Hall; ensuring that musical connoisseurs derive maximum satisfaction from their gigs.   

Some of the musical outfits that have performed in the first four years of the festival’s inception include legendary multi-Grammy award winning hip-hop heads The Roots, avant-garde African music maestro Dhafer Youssef, jazz superstar Harry Connick Jr and psychedelically experimental indie-pop vaudevilles of Montreal.

Tickets for highly sought-after performances in its line-up always sell out quickly; a testament to the festival’s ever-growing popularity. The Mosaic Music Festival is a fantastic way to unwind, relax and engage in some of the best concerts in the region with like-minded friends at the Esplanade, the throbbing epicentre of the arts and entertainment in Singapore. 


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Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay
Said to have an appearance similar the eye of a fly or a giant durian (a popular local fruit), you’ll just have to make a visit down to The Esplanade and decide for yourself.
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